As a child, I knew I had artistic ability. I would draw cartoon characters I loved. As a teen, I learned guitar and computer animation. I even wrote poetry, lyrics and music as soon as I became an adult, where I started recording and also picked up more musical skills like drums, piano and terribly playing violin (It is a tough instrument). While exploring all of this, I attended college for graphic design. All skills I still practice today.

Eventually, my schooling came to incorporate photography, after investing in a basic 2 lens and body kit. The next few years of building would shape me into who I am now. It wasn't until then that I found out it was in photography that I would not only excel, but also form into a full-time career. Not only that, but coincidentally, I had come to find out that I am exploring a field that both my parent's own fathers separately had before them. I was unaware of this fact until well into my photography career. Almost all of my family otherwise has some sort of artistic skill, whether it is writing music, lyrics and poetry, or painting and drawing. I am the only to pursue a full-time artistic career in all of my family.

Sometimes one must wonder, do we pass our skills and passions down to our children through our genes and can they possibly even skip generations?

Artistic Focus: Events, Portraiture, Automobile, Wedding and Engagement, Pregnancy